The star is now entitled to travel on the player's coach if he goes to an away game...

Pop prince Michael Jackson has been made an honorary director of EXETER CITY FC, following his appearance there last month.

As previously reported, the Michael Jackson visited St James Park ground of the club last month (June 14), alongside illusionist David Blaine and close friend and sometime spoon bender Uri Geller, who is also Exeter co-director.

Geller told the Reuters news service that Michael Jackson has been made an honorary director, which means he can, if he wishes, play a full role in the boardroom affairs of the club. Although this is unlikely.

He said: “When I asked him what does he know about football he said ‘absolutely nothing but I love Exeter City.'”

As part of his new role, Michael Jackson can now go to any game he desires involving the club, and is entitled to travel on the players coach if the game is away from home.