And to get himself in the mood for his work on 'Home Of The Angels' the star's bought himself an Oscar...

MICHAEL JACKSON is reported to be co-directing and contributing music to the forthcoming movie ‘HOME OF THE ANGELS’.

The self-styled King Of Pop will co-direct the project with friend Bryan Michael Stoller, according to Rolling Stone in the US.

Speaking about the film, which will be shot in Canada next spring, Stoller said the film is based on a “young boy”.

He commented: “It’s about a young boy about eight-years-old. He finds himself in and out of orphanages. It’s kind of ‘Stand By Me’ with a little bit of ‘Oliver’. It’s a dramatic piece, not a musical. It’s a pretty serious piece too. And it’s sort of all about growing up, and who to trust, and him being afraid of trusting people because the people he cares about tend to go away. It’s a pretty emotional piece.”

It is expected that Jackson will contribute music to the film also.

Stoller continued: “The songs he writes will probably be the opening title, closing credits. It will be probably more ballads, because of the material. We haven’t really talked about this, but he may also write just instrumental music for the actual picture in certain places.”

Actors involved in the project are currently unconfirmed, although Stoller said he thought with Jackson‘s backing there will be little trouble finding stars to contribute their time.

It’s also reported today that the singer has spent £1million on the actual Oscar statuette awarded to ‘Gone With The Wind’ for best picture. Stoller said Jacko displayed it in his living room in a glass cabinet.