NME.COM analyses the info that's been seeping out regarding 'Invincible' - and we've mathematically worked out the sound of the record...

MICHAEL JACKSON‘s long-awaited new album ‘INVINCIBLE’ is due out in the autumn – but his label has refused to tell NME.COM what it sounds like.

Some details of the secretive record – Jackson‘s first full album in a decade – have leaked out. The single ‘Rock My World’ was due for release on September 3, but is now likely to be pushed back. ‘Rock My World’ may reach radio stations this week and NME.COM understands it starts with a spoken word dialogue between Jackson and Hollywood comedian Chris Tucker.

Despite emerging news about the album, no one will actually say what it sounds like. Jackson‘s UK spokeswoman refused to elaborate on whether the singer’s new songs were fast-paced or slow – so NME.COM has mathematically worked out the sound of the record.

We have taken all the artists, producers and songwriters that Michael Jackson has been linked with, labelled them according to musical genre and worked out how the album will sound. The indications are that ‘Invincible’ will still essentially be a pop album, but one that features modern R&B rhythms, hiphop beats, guest rappers and the occasional guitar solo.

The final calculated result is that the 15-track ‘Invincible’ will be: 28% hiphop beats and rapping, 17% slick R&B/pop, 28% regular R&B, 6% ballads, 6% comedy, 11% rock and 6% pop. Despite the calculations, NME.COM reckons we may have under-represented the ballads.

Michael Jackson‘s spokeswoman was unfortunately unavailable to comment on our numbers.

Here’s the roll-call of Jackson collaborators, rumoured and confirmed:

Fred Jerkins III (R&B/pop producer/song-writer)

LaShawn Daniels (R&B producer)

Nora Payne (R&B/pop song-writer)

Rodney Jerkins (R&B/pop producer)

Chris Tucker (Hollywood comedian)

R. Kelly (R&B ballad man)

Teddy Riley (R&B producer)

Notorious B.I.G. (deceased hip-hop star, sampled on ‘Invincible’)

Desmond Child (pop song-writer)

Jay-Z (hip-hop star)

Santana (rock guitarist)

Slash (rock guitarist)

Method Man (hip-hop star)

Fats (young New Jersey rapper)

Swizz Beatz (hip-hop producer)

DeVante DeGrate (R&B producer)

David Foster (R&B song-writer)

Kevin “Shek’spere” Briggs (R&B producer)