As new LP 'Invincible' hits the shelves, the superstar finds a unique way to deal with the pressure...

In the week the world is eagerly waiting to see if his new album ‘INVINCIBLE’ will restore his name or finish him, MICHAEL JACKSON has revealed he will be knocking on doors around his home playing trick or treat “getting candy”.

Speaking during a rare audiochat on website getmusic.com, Jackson explained he was looking forward to Hallowe’en tomorrow night (October 31) and would be “just going to go trick or treat – knock on some doors and get some candy! I like dressing up like a monster and getting candy!”

During the half-hour chat with countless fans, he also provided a little insight into what goes on in his head. “Mentally, I’m always in Never-Neverland – Hee-hee!,” he said. He added, “Being on stage and watching cartoons are my favourite things in the entire world. That’s what inspires me.”

The star, who has received lukewarm responses to comeback album ‘Invincible’ explained that dissenters should look beyond him. “‘Invincible’ is the proper name… I have been the artist with the longest career and I am so proud and honoured to be chosen from Heaven to be invincible. The songwriting process is difficult to explain because it’s very spiritual – you’re in the hands of God and it’s as if it’s been written already.”

He added: “That’s the real truth. It’s like the songs have been written already in their entirety before you were even born and they just fall into your lap. I feel guilty having to put my name on the songs sometimes because I write them, compose them, score them and it’s all really the work of God.”

The figures for ‘Invincible”s first day on sale in the UK will be released early this afternoon (October 30).