But the appearance of 'What More Can I Give?' does not signal a release...

Michael Jackson‘s forgotten September 11 charity single ‘WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE?’ – which features guest spots from BRITNEY SPEARS, *N SYNC, DESTINY’S CHILD and others – has finally emerged over a year late.

The track has been on rotation play on New York radio station WKTU-FM for a week. But its appearance does not signal a release. WKTU-FM have not received permission to broadcast the track, though no one has yet told them to yank it off the air.

Program Director Frankie Blue, a long-time friend of Michael Jackson‘s, won’t say how he got the song, but he insists Michael Jackson had nothing to do with it.

Marc Schaffel, the executive producer of the single, said at least 200 copies were sent to artists who participated and their representatives, and that the song has since surfaced on the Internet.

“It’s a loose train; there’s no stopping it,” he told MTV. “But I would hate to see it out there and not do its intended purpose, which was to raise money for the victims of September 11th and children’s charities.”

It was originally suggested that the track was not released in the aftermath of September 11 because Schaffel’s background in pornography came to light, and it was felt that such an association would sully the memory of the terrorist victims.

However, it could be that no one knows who owns the song. While a company called Music Fighters claim ownership, Michael Jackson‘s label Sony Music may have something to say about that, as may Michael Jackson himself and Schaffel. Labels looking after the song’s guest artists could also have a claim.

Despite the problems, Schaffel still things the song (which Frankie Blue describes as a ‘gift to the world’) should be released.

“Maybe this will give someone the push to put it out,” he said, “because now would be the time. Otherwise, the more it proliferates the more it defeats the purpose, and there’s no way it can raise money.”