The singer had the journalist filmed during the making of the controversial TV documentary...

After 27 million Americans tuned in to watch MARTIN BASHIR’s controversial Michael Jackson documentary, the singer has said he plans to release video footage of the journalist which was filmed during the eight-month making of the documentary, which will reveal him as a “hypocrite.”

The show, which drew 14 million viewers in the UK, stirred up a storm of controversy after Michael Jackson said he shares his room with children when they come to stay at his Neverland ranch. ABC television in the States paid a reported $5 million after a bidding war between TV networks.

Michael Jackson has insisted the documentary was misleading, and issued a statement last week saying he felt “betrayed” by the way he was portrayed.

Now he says he will produce his own video excerpts, filmed by his personal cameraman revealing Bashir as a “hypocrite.” The video was taken after the infamous incident where Michael Jackson dangled his son from the balcony of his hotel room in Berlin.

A statement released yesterday claims the film shows “extraordinary scenes” of Bashir praising the way Michael Jackson treats children and commenting on how good a father he is.

“The Michael Jackson footage clearly shows that Bashir was actually continuing to praise Michael Jackson‘s abilities as a father and [shows] Bashir making statements about how he feels it is a pity that the world is so quick to criticise Michael Jackson,” the statement said.

“On the face of it, either Martin Bashir was lying to Michael Jackson or was misleading his audience on the voice-overs on the film.”

The BBC reports Granada Television, which made the programme, has insisted it was a “truthful, open and intimate portrayal” of the star, with “no distortion, misrepresentation or breach of trust”.