The self-proclaimed King Of Pop is set to appear on the forthcoming album by Ruff Ryders' Swizz Beatz...

MICHAEL JACKSON is set to appear on ‘SWIZZ BEATZ PRESENTS G.E.T.T.O STORIES VOL 1’, an album by the RUFF RYDERS‘ main producer, contributing what SWIZZ BEATZ calls “some gangsta shit”.

The collaboration came about as a “favour-for-a-favour” deal, after Swizz produced three tracks for Jacko that may or may not appear on his forthcoming album.

“He’s singing the hook and doing some ad libs,” Swizz explained. “I got him on some gangsta shit. I wanted him to be like he was from the ghetto. We making him get braids.”

The Ruff Ryders man also revealed that some other major hitters, including Will Smith, Quincy Jones, Timbaland, DMX, Jay-Z, OutKast, Papa Roach and Shyne, currently in prison awaiting sentence over his part in a nightclub shooting incident, will feature.

“I’m going to do a song where I’m going to let Timbaland produce half the beat and let [OutKast‘s] Dre produce the other half. I’ll be rapping on that one,” he told www.sonicnet.com.

The in-demand producer also revealed that LL Cool J has approached him to oversee his next album. “He called me personally as like, ‘I ain’t never ask nobody to executive-produce my album.’ He just felt me. He was feeling the whole vibe.”

Swizz is currently in the studio with DMX working on his Ruff Ryder stablemate’s fourth album.

‘Swizz Beatz Presents GETTO Stories Vol 1’ will be released later this summer, though no official date has been set.