Yep, it really is pure hell today...

It’s the weekend, and love is in the air. Well it is if you’re Steps star Lee Latchford Evans. According this morning’s Sun newspaper, Latchford Evans is dating Vicky Dawdall from upcoming girl band Girls@Play.

Despite the fact the paper’s photographic evidence looks more like an intimate whisper than full-on passion, a “partygoer” at Vicky’s birthday party said: “Lee and Vicky didn’t make any secret of their romance and were holed up in the corner for most of the night.”

Unfortunately, pals are already predicting a tough time ahead of them. The same, well-informed partygoer commented, “They are going to have a hard few months ahead as they will be performing in different countries from each other. But they really want to make this relationship work”.

has agreed to “the ultimate present” – waking a fan anywhere in the world and singing to them down the phone on their birthday. To qualify for such a horror, sorry, honour, log onto [url=]

Meanwhile, the 3am Girls in The Mirror appear to have totally lost it. As well as their usual slot, the celebrity columnists have decided to give this pop star thing a go for themselves. To call the results staggering is an understatement. They dance, sing and lose all dignity in front of ‘Popstars’ judge Nigel Lythgoe, who tells them that while they were singing “I lost the will to live”, adding “I think you’ll have a much better chance in porn films in that outfit.” If you only spent 32p today, buy The Mirror and read this…

The other pages of The Mirror consists of the usual celebrity gossip. They’re convinced the All Saints will tour later this year. In an “astonishing u-turn” they have called an end to their feud, at least for the next few months. NME.COM, remains on the fence on this matter. More to the point, NME.COM couldn’t really care less.

Elsewhere, Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave does his best to avoid any publicity whatsoever by having his photograph taken going for a drink with celebrity girlfriend Gail Porter at the Met Bar. He’s so angry at the attention, a picture in The Mirror shows him giving his own unique one-fingered salute to the gathered press.

Which leaves The Star, who devote almost half a page to an interview with Lisa from Steps, who reveals she once gave an autograph to a fan on his bum. But it gets worse – it was in front of her mother. She said: “He whipped it out and asked me to sign it. My mum was like, ‘Put it away’…I wouldn’t have minded but it was so small that I could only get an ‘L’ on it.”

Finally, Samantha Mumba has shown her maturity, and told the Daily Record that it’s “none of her business” that Kerry Katona has left Atomic Kitten because she is pregnant via Westlife’s Bryan McFadden. Mumba, who was celebrating her 18th birthday yesterday, said “I didn’t know Kerry was leaving Atomic Kitten. This is news to me. It’s none of my business and Bryan seems very happy with his girlfriend. I suppose if they are going for it they may as well do it right.”