The self-styled King Of Pop shows up to accept his inauguration into the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame in New York...

MICHAEL JACKSON made a rare US public appearance on last night (Monday March 19), when he accepted his inauguration into the ROCK’N’ROLL HALL OF FAME in NEW YORK.

According to [url=], Jackson, inducted into the organisation for his solo albums, said: “The gift of music has been a blessing from God” in a brief onstage appearance, before exiting leaning on a cane to support his broken foot. It was his first public appearance since addressing the Oxford Union two weeks ago.

The ceremony, at the Waldorf Auditorium, was the 16th Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Fame class to be chosen. Other artists honoured included Queen, Aerosmith, Paul Simon and Steely Dan.

Also recognised in the non-performers’ category was Island Records founder Chris Blackwell for bringing Bob Marley and U2 to the world’s attention.

The surviving members of Queen played a brief live performance – their recognition comes almost 10 years after the death of singer Freddie Mercury from AIDS.

Paul Simon took the opportunity to try and mend his long-broken relationship with former Simon & Garfunkel colleague Art Garfunkel. He said: “I regret the ending of our friendship and hope one day before we die we’ll make peace with each other,” before adding jokingly, “No rush!”