Rodney Jerkins can't contain his excitement about working with the self-styled King Of Pop...

The producer on MICHAEL JACKSON’s forthcoming studio album has declared it “incredible” working with the self-proclaimed King Of Pop.

Rodney Jerkins is a hot-shot R&B producer, having previously worked with, amongst others, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith.

Speaking to US website [url=] Jerkins said he has been working Jackson’s new record for “two years”. He said: “It’s incredible. You work with so many artists that are trying to get to his level, and I’m working with the person that’s actually him, you know, who’s been around for years. I’ve learned so much – the key thing I learned is endurance. I’ve been working for two years and I’m not tired yet. I really learned how to withstand this, you know? And it feels good, man. It feels real good.”


Jerkins also revealed that rapper Fats also features on the record, which is due for release in Spring.

Speaking previously about the album, Michael Jackson commented: “My new album should be out in March. I played six songs for Sony Music today and they were walking on air…they applauded. They really loved them. Now I have to come up with five more.”

Jackson has reportedly written many more tracks for the as-yet-untitled new record, which has been produced by him, in conjunction with previous collaborator Teddy Riley and R Kelly.

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