Jackson arrives four hours after doors open...

MICHAEL JACKSON made a fleeting appearance at the 10th Annual MICHAEL JACKSON DAY celebrations in LONDON last night (March 7).

The event, at Hammersmith Apollo, attracted hundreds of fans – with and without tickets – who queued outside in the hope of catching a glimpse of their idol.

Details of what would actually take place were sketchy beforehand, but most fans seemed to think that he would deliver a speech along the lines of that at Oxford Union the day before, about his Heal The Kids campaign.


The fans outside watched lookalikes demonstrate their “moonwalking” skills during the afternoon, and one group of fans put on an impromptu dance show, lampooning Jarvis Cocker – who shook his backside during Jackson’s performance at the Brit Awards in 1996 – and Ronan Keating, with loud boos and jeers from the Jacko devotees.

However, the star turned up almost four hours after the venue’s doors opened, speeding past the group of fans, many bearing home-made placards, banners and flags, huddled from the drizzle and cold, into the Apollo in a people-carrier with blacked-out windows.

Earlier in the day, Jackson, 42, had attended the wedding blessing of his friend Uri Geller at the spoon-bending hypnotist’s mansion in Berkshire, where he was ‘best man’ to Geller and his wife, Hanna, who’ve been married for 10 years. Other guests at the ceremony included Eurythmics star Dave Stewart, TV presenter David Frost, ex-Formula 1 driver Nigel Mansell and magician David Blaine.

The Sun newspaper also reports that Jackson and his friend Macaulay Culkin – with whom, he said in his Oxford Union address, he identifies, because both suffered from a lack of childhood due to their celebrity status – shared a “teddy bears’ picnic” at the Lanesborough Hotel in London.

NME.COM has been on the road this week, tracking Jacko’s UK jaunt and asking the fans and foes what they think.

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