The self-styled 'King Of Pop' is set to address the Oxford Union tonight...

Anticipation is growing in OXFORD for MICHAEL JACKSON’s arrival to address the OXFORD UNION tonight (March 6).

A crowd of around 200-plus has gathered already, as NME.COM arrived at the scene this afternoon in preparation for Jackson’s arrival at 6pm.

The road along which Jackson and his entourage, which includes illusionist Uri Geller and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, will travel – coincidentally called St Michael’s Street – has been blocked off and police and security are in attendance.

The crowd includes fans, curious locals and, bizarrely, at least one Michael Jackson lookalike. TV crews and press teams have gathered from all over the globe, including news teams from ABC and NBC in the US and reporters from mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Australia and a large British press corps representing every national newspaper.

Jackson is expected to arrive at 6pm, and will take part in a brief photo-call, before going for dinner with senior representatives of Oxford Union.

He will then proceed to the main debating hall, where Geller and Rabbi Boteach will speak before he takes the podium to introduce his charity, The Heal The World Foundation’s latest venture, Heal The Kids.

He has already promised that his speech tonight will “surprise” the hundreds of students present in the hall and watching the address on TVs elsewhere in the building.

Previous speakers at Oxford Union include Warren Beatty, Diego Maradona and Kermit The Frog.

“At Oxford University, I will be delivering an address with strong implications for healing the parent-child relationships and it is an address that is certain to surprise you,” he said earlier.

NME.COM will bring updates on what Jackson’s speech will include, and a report as he leaves the Union later tonight. Click back again tomorrow to see our video report from the scene.

Jackson’s UK jaunt, which has included an after-hours shopping trip at HMV in London, where he spent a reported £1,500 on albums by Coldplay, Eminem, Radiohead and Steely Dan, continues tomorrow – which is the 10th annual Michael Jackson Day.

He will stay in London before a scheduled visit to the fan convention being held at Hammersmith Apollo. With doors opening at 5.30pm and guest artists appearing alongside Jackson, the show begins at 7pm and finishes at 9.30pm, and is followed by an after-party at 9.45pm at Hammersmith Palais.