Michael Jackson’s daughter defends Justin Bieber in cyber bullying speech

Paris Jackson discusses suicide attempt as she hits out over online trolls

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has spoken out against cyber bullying, three years after the teenager attempted suicide in her despair over online trolls.

Jackson posted a series of Instagram videos in which she spoke of her hatred of cyber bullying, before deleting the posts and replacing them with a picture captioned: “Looks like I’m the villain now. Didn’t know defending myself was a crime.”

In the videos, Jackson spoke of how trolling led her to want to kill herself in 2013. She said: “I don’t understand how there can be so much hatred in the world right now. I got so much hatred that I tried to kill myself.”



Following her suicide attempt, Jackson withdrew from social media for two years. But, since returning online in 2015, she said that she has received just as much abuse. Jackson said: “I’ve tried sticking up for myself. I’ve tried the whole ‘blocking the haters’ thing and not reading the comments, ignoring it. But it’s hard when there’s so much of it.”

Jackson said she empathises with Justin Bieber, whose friend Sofia Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, Jackson has known for several years. She said: “Justin Bieber went into a downward spiral because everybody that he dates gets so much hate. I have known his friend Sofia since I was 12 or 13. She’s one of the sweetest girls in the world, and people are telling her to kill herself. I mean, we’re human beings. We’ve got hearts and brains and feelings, and when you say damaging things like that to people, it fucks them up. It really fucks people up. It’s exhausting.”

looks like i’m the villain now. didn’t know defending myself was a crime. my dearest apologies.

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The 18-year-old said that it was becoming harder to stay open about her life on social media because of the abuse. She said: “I don’t get why I’m such an easy target. I try to be nice to everyone I meet; I give everyone a chance. I’m usually a very trusting person. I try to be open with you guys about what I do on a daily basis. I share my life with you. I don’t hide a lot.”