Paris Jackson and siblings to remain under guardianship of grandmother and cousin

Following an inquiry into their wellbeing, judge makes no changes to the guardianship of Michael Jackson's children

The children of the late Michael Jackson are to remain under the guardianship of their grandmother Katherine Jackson and adult cousin TJ Jackson.

Following Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt on June 5, Superior Court judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered an inquiry into the children’s wellbeing.

An investigator was instructed to interview Jackson’s three children and report back to him,” the Associated Press reports. Meanwhile, judge Beckloff held meetings with attorneys representing both of their guardians. Speaking at a court hearing yesterday (June 25), judge Meckloff confirmed: “I’m taking no further action.”

Meanwhile, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer Perry Sanders added: “In light of all current circumstances and the special investigator’s report, we agreed with the judge that appropriate decisions are being made regarding care of all three children, and no further action is required.” Sanders also confirmed that Paris Jackson is physically fine and receiving the necessary medical treatment.

Paris Jackson and her brother Prince are due to testify in the family’s £26 billion lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live. The family claims the concert promoter was neglectful when it hired doctor Conrad Murray, who gave Michael Jackson the overdose of sedative Propofol that led to his death in June 2009.