Details emerge of ‘child pornography found at Michael Jackson’s Neverland home’ in 2003

Search came before Jackson was eventually acquitted in court

New reports detail claims that police found several items “depicting nude children” at Michael Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch home over ten years ago.

Radar Online have published police reports dating back to a search of the singer’s Santa Barbara property in 2003. Jackson later faced trial for child molestation two years later in 2005 but was acquitted on all counts.

The reports claim that several books featuring explicit and suggestive material of young boys were found, including a “book depicting nude children” and images of “pre-teen or early teenage individuals” who were either “nude or semi-nude”. Many of the items found were detailed in court papers from the time, the Daily Mail reports.


The investigator writes in the report: “Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of the ‘grooming’ process, by which people (those seeking to molest children) lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims.”

Santa Barbara Senior Assistant District Attorney Ron Zonen, part of the prosecution in Jackson’s trial, told Radar Online: “A lot of this stuff was used to desensitize the children, and Michael admitted taking one child after another into bed with him for long periods of time.”

“We identified five different boys, who all made allegations of sexual abuse. There‚Äôs not much question in my mind that Michael was guilty of child molestation.”

Jackson repeatedly denied accusations of child sex abuse. In 1993, 13 year old Evan Chandler sued Jackson for allegedly sexually abusing him. The two parties reached a financial settlement the next year, with criminal investigations into the claims later dropped due to a lack of evidence.


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