Exhibition of Michael Jackson art opens in Germany amid ‘Leaving Neverland’ controversy

"It's about the complexity of Michael Jackson"

An exhibition of Michael Jackson-themed art is set to open in Germany despite widespread allegations of sex abuse against the late singer.

The ‘On The Wall’ show at the Bundeskuntshalle in Bonn arrives after a stint in London. Curator Nicholas Cullinan stresses that it was conceived long before the controversial new documentary Leaving Neverland went into production.

Among the artwork on display is an image by Dave LaChappelle that shows Jackson lying in the arms of Jesus. Another shows him assuming a powerful pose as he rides on a horse with cherubs following behind him.


Installations, paintings and drawings of Michael Jackson seen during the preview of the exhibition “Michael Jackson – On the Wall”

Visitors reviews the installation ‘The King of Pop’ by Mark Ryden

Cullinan told AP that the show “was never celebratory. It’s about the complexity of Michael Jackson, how he means very different things to many very different people.”

The gallery opened only weeks after the airing of Leaving Neverland – the two-part documentary which documented abuse claims against the late singer. The film focuses on testimony by Wade Robson, 36, and James Safechuck, 41, who both claim that Jackson sexually abused them when they were children.

While a large group of fans protested against the broadcast of the film in London, recent weeks have also seen Jackson’s songs being banned on numerous radio stations around the world, while the National Football Museum removed their statue of the ‘Thriller’ star.


Yesterday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame confirmed that Jackson will remain a member – despite the controversy.

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