Michael Jackson’s former maid makes fresh sexual abuse claims against the late singer

Adrian McManus worked at Jackson's Neverland Ranch for four years

Michael Jackson‘s former maid has made fresh allegations of child abuse against the late singer.

Adrian McManus worked at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for four years during his lifetime, and she testified against Jackson at the latter’s 2005 trial where he was not found guilty on all 14 charges which had been made against him.

Speaking to 60 Minutes Australia in a programme which aired over the weekend, McManus made renewed allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against Jackson, who died in 2009.

In the interview, McManus called Jackson “a manipulator” and alleged that she saw Jackson “fondling” young boys at the residence.

“When I would go in the next day, there were little boys’ underwear either on the floor with Michael’s, or they were in the jacuzzi,” McManus alleged, before then claiming that she witnessed the abuse first-hand.

“I just saw a lot of fondling, him running his hands in kids’ hair, kissing them,” she added. “I didn’t think it was appropriate because they weren’t his children.”

McManus’ allegations follow on from the recent premiere of Leaving Neverland, which centres on allegations of sexual abuse made by two men against Jackson. Both men say the star abused them when they were children. Civil suits brought against Jackson’s estate following his death were thrown out by a judge in 2017, who ruled the estate could not be held liable for the singer’s behaviour.

Jackson’s estate are now suing HBO for $100 million (£76.7 million) over the documentary.

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