Michael Stipe takes selfie with beardy lookalike David Letterman

REM frontman describes similarity as 'so fucked up'

REM‘s Michael Stipe has compared his current heavy-bearded look to that of former late-night host David Letterman.

Letterman, who has grown his facial hair since stepping down from the Late Show after 22 years in 2015, graces the latest cover of New York Magazine.

Stipe recently took a selfie of himself next to a copy of Letterman’s magazine cover, calling the similarity “so fucked up”. See that post below.



Meanwhile, Michael Stipe recently argued that Trump voters were not “voting for racism” but “trying to smash the machine”.

Stipe went on to describe himself as “not a giant fan of Hillary Clinton” but hoped that the election would “galvanise” disillusioned American voters.

“Clearly it was a protest vote against the establishment,” Stipe said. “Hillary Clinton represented the establishment very well, so rather than people voting for a racist, xenophobic agenda, an intolerant agenda, I think they were just trying to smash the machine. We’ve all been reeling from the news from America and we’ve seen it happen in other parts of the world, like here, and we’ve seen the ripple effect of that in other parts of the world like Turkey, Australia and France. I don’t think anyone’s terribly happy about where this is going, I think we need to remain vigilant, get over the grief and get on with it. I campaigned hard for Bernie Sanders, I thought he was a good candidate and someone who might have actually elevated the office of President. I was not a giant fan of Hillary Clinton but clearly, between the two, she’s accountable. I don’t think Donald Trump is accountable.”