Mick Fleetwood to produce TV series about an ageing rock star who faces terminal cancer

The Fleetwood Mac co-founder will also contribute music to the show, called ‘13 Songs’

Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac has signed on to produce a new series titled 13 Songs for television network Fox.

Deadline has reported that Fleetwood will serve as executive producer on the show, which follows a fictional veteran musician named Jasper Jones and his band, The Grift.

13 Songs sees Jones in his later years, where he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a few months to live. Jones then seeks to reconnect with his band to produce 13 final songs before his death. No actors have been publicly attached to the project yet.


The show will be written by Will Reiser, who wrote the Joseph Gordon Levitt-starring 2011 dramedy 50/50.

Fleetwood’s role as executive producer will see him contribute “creative ideas” and music to 13 Songs.

Fleetwood is currently the only original founding member of Fleetwood Mac still in the band since its inception in 1967.

Last month, former member Lindsey Buckingham said that Fleetwood Mac as a band didn’t work “on paper”.

In an interview with Clash, Buckingham noted that upon his arrival in the band in 1974, he “realised that we were the kind of group who didn’t – on paper – belong in the same group together,” but added that “that was the very thing that made us so effective.”


Meanwhile, in July 2021, Fleetwood revealed in a Rolling Stone interview that he and Buckingham have re-connected after the latter’s ouster from the band in 2018.