Mick Jagger set for ‘Mighty Boosh’ movie?

Noel Fielding is looking for some 'icons' for big screen adventure

Noel Fielding has revealed he is keen to get Mick Jagger signed up for a planned ‘Mighty Boosh’ movie.

The comedian explained that himself and partner Julian Barratt want to get some big stars in the film.

“They’d have to be icons. You can’t just get people who are just trendy at the moment, it looks a bit back slappy,” he told XFM. “Gary Numan’s always welcome but if we could get Jagger that would be amazing. If we could get Jagger my work could be complete. I could retire.”

Fielding also revealed that ‘The Mighty Boosh’ are planning to start work on an album, and may be using some big-name producers.

Julian has been fiddling around in the studio and he’s booked in a couple of days in the next few weeks to us to go in and have a go at some stuff, redo some tracks, fuck about a bit and see what happens.

“We might do a single with someone first and just see how it goes. Mark Ronson said he was interested so maybe he could do one too. [We’ll] see what happens.”