'Too Many Cooks will go under the hammer in London later this month...

A rare collaboration between John Lennon and Mick Jagger is to go under the hammer in LONDON next month.

The collaboration, apparently recorded during John Lennon‘s “lost weekend” in the mid-’70s, features Mick Jagger singing the blues staple ‘Too Many Cooks’, with John Lennon on guitar.

Record collector Tom Fisher told Sky how important he thinks the recording is: “It’s an ahead-of-its-time track because it’s a sort of a fun track. It’s not like the rest of the Rolling Stones‘ back catalogue and it’s not that close to what John Lennon was doing.


“I understand at the time that they were hanging out a lot together. But I don’t think anybody’s ever found a decent track that they’d done together before. So I was really pleased to find it and I hope a lot of people get to hear it.”

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