Mick Jagger originally wanted ‘Vinyl’ to be a movie

The Rolling Stones legend confesses he wanted it to be like Martin Scorsese's 'Casino'

Mick Jagger has revealed he originally wanted new HBO series Vinyl to be a movie.

The show, which stars Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde, Juno Temple, Ray Romano and Jagger’s own son James, is the brainchild of the Rolling Stones legend, director Martin Scorsese and writers Terence Winter and Rich Cohen.

Scorsese has previously worked with Winter on Boardwalk Empire and Jagger on 2008’s The Rolling Stones documentary Shine A Light and according to Jagger, before Vinyl became a TV show, he had wanted to produce a Casino-based film based on the music business.


During an interview with America’s Esquire magazine , Jagger explained: “It was a movie idea. I went to Marty and said that I’d like to do something that covers the actual inside of the record business, using (his film) Casino as shorthand.”

The end result was instead a 10-part series, telling the story of 1970s New York-based music executive Richie Finestra (Cannavale), with themes of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll featuring heavily.

However, Jagger was keen to point out that Vinyl isn’t based on his own experiences, explaining to the publication: “Andy (Warhol) liked to commodify himself—that was his goal.


“Everyone wants to commodify themselves now. But none of the artists (on Vinyl) are like me. None of the executives are like me. It’s fictional.”

The first episode premiered in the US last night, with Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong and director Jon Favreau all praising the series.

Back in January, it was also announced that the full soundtrack to the show would be released this month, with music from the likes of Otis Redding, Sturgill Simpson, Mott the Hoople and more.


Vinyl will air on Sky Atlantic tonight at 9pm.

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