Velvet trousers Mick Jagger shared with Keith Richards up for auction

The 1960s-made garment - also worn by the late Gram Parsons - is included in Boston-based RR Auctions' 'The Marvels of Modern Music' auction

A pair of green velvet trousers first owned by The Rolling StonesMick Jagger – and later lent to bandmate Keith Richards – are currently on sale in an online auction.

The garment – custom-made in the 1960s for Jagger – is one of the star lots in the ongoing ‘Marvels of Modern Music’ auction, which is being held by the Boston-based RR Auctions. Online bidding is currently underway, and will conclude on Thursday (February 16).

The velvet trousers were first worn by Jagger in 1968, before he began sharing them with Richards. They were later gifted to Gram Parsons after the late musician moved in with the Stones guitarist following Parsons’ departure from The Byrds in the summer of 1968. See the trousers in question below.


Richards and Parsons formed a close friendship, with one mutual friend – Pamela Des Barres – claiming that the pair were “kind of in love.”

“I’m sure they never did anything physical, but they had this incredible mutual admiration society,” Des Barres recalled. “They understood each other and wanted to take parts of each other and make them their own… They took different pieces of clothing from each other and traded. Gram started wearing makeup like Keith and Keith started wearing Nudie bells. It was incredible to watch.”

Parsons, who also played in The Flying Burrito Brothers, died in 1973 from an overdose of morphine and alcohol.

The velvet trousers are currently going for $1481 (£1188), but are expected to be sold for at least $10,000 (£8000) by Thursday.

Other items up for auction include the black leather jacket Joey Ramone wore for his last-ever performance and 119 Prince-related items.


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