Mick Jagger’s collaboration with Skepta has left people seriously confused

"There's blood in my ears".

Yesterday, Mick Jagger shared ‘England Lost’, his collaboration with Skepta.

The Rolling Stones frontman claimed that the song was a direct response to the “confusion and frustration with the times we live in”, and the result of “anxiety, unknowability of the changing political situation”.

Now, the song has caused fans to react with a mixture of confusion and disappointment, with some expressing sheer bafflement at the unlikely pairing of Jagger and Skepta.


One wrote on Twitter: “Can’t believe I’m alive in a time where mick jagger is collaborating with skepta WHAT’.

Another said: “Hold on, Mick Jagger has done a tune with Skepta?”

And as for those who did listen to the track, it seems that it failed them over – including Spector’s Fred Macpherson.

The singer wrote on Twitter: “I’ve just listened to Mick Jagger feat. Skepta and the Cara Delevingne single and now there’s blood in my ears. #newmusicfriday.”


It wasn’t all bad news, however, with some admitting that they were won over by the song.


“I like the Mick Jagger x Skepta track. Don’t @ me”, one user wrote.

However, it looks like a new Rolling Stones album will be the next material featuring Jagger – after Keith Richards revealed they were heading back in the studio in a recent interview.