Rock legend Mick Jones gives his views on the future of the band...

MICK JONES has revealed all about the new Libertines album, and spoken out about the troubles surrounding the band.

Speaking to NME.COM at last night’s (July 7) Diesel U-Music Awards at Fabric nightclub in London, he said the new album, which he produced, saw the band go from “Men to boys. Actually, that’s supposed to be the other way round.”

He continued: “It’s almost like they’ve come into themselves, and the living that they’ve done since last time has all gone into this. You know what I mean? And the subtext of the record is really great as well. It reaches you, it reaches you in the right place. It touches you. It’s touching. It’s beautiful really.”


Asked whether he thinks the band can survive the current crisis stemming from Pete Doherty’s chronic drug addiction, he said: “I hope so. I think so. We’re positive, we’ve got a lot of love. We’ve got a lot of goodwill. No matter what they say about Peter or something, always at the end it’s ‘Dot Cotton hopes he gets better’. They always put that in don’t they, and that means that people care.

“People love the band, because they can touch them on that place. You can recognise that but no one can obtain that. You can go for it but it’s a once in a generation thing.”

Jones was given a Lifetime Achievement award at the awards, to which he responded: “It feels like you’re finished basically, but funnily enough I haven’t been finished up to this point.”

He also revealed that his next production project would be for Libertines associates Left Hand.