Miguel joins TV On The Radio on stage at Red Bull music festival

The two artists teamed up to play each other's music at the Los Angeles city-wide event

TV On The Radio were joined on stage by Miguel for a three song collaboration at a Red Bull music festival in Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The Brooklyn band introduced their new recruit during ‘Seeds’ (from 2014s album of the same name) before adding their own contribution to Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ from his record ‘Kaleidoscope Dream’. The partnership ended with a cover of German experimental rock group Can’s ‘Vitamin C’. You can watch footage of all the songs below.

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in L.A. takes place in November in the Californian enclave and is a city wide event hosting live performances from some of the biggest names in music.


This isn’t the first time TV on the Radio have covered their musical heroes during a performance. In August, they put their names to a version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, and two months earlier they attempted to put their spin on HBO’s Game of Thrones’ soundtrack.

Meanwhile, Miguel recently spoke out against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, saying to vote for the businessman would be “fucking ignorant”.

He has also just shared a track he recorded when he was a fourteen-year-old, uploading ‘U R On My Mind’ to Soundcloud.