Miguel releases track he recorded as a 14 year old

'U R On My Mind' was produced way back in 1999

Miguel has taken the unlikely step of releasing a track he recorded at just fourteen years of age, uploading ‘U R On My Mind’ to Soundcloud, and giving an insight into his early days.

The Grammy Award winner has had an impressive 2015, having released ‘Wildheart’ in June, and collaborated with Disclosure on their second album ‘Caracal’.

Posting the track on Soundcloud, Miguel – who is now 30, and recorded the track way back in 1999 – said:


“NEVER BEFORE RELEASED. Recorded this song sometime in the fall of 1999 with Blu and Anthony Williams. I was 14 years old, ha.”


The LA R&B star followed the release of ‘Wildheart’ with a series of gigs, one of which featured a star-studded guest cast including Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg.

He recently commented on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, saying that a vote for the businessman would be “fucking ignorant”:

Talking to Saturday night live, the singer said:

“I think there’s a responsibility that you have to have. And I don’t think ignorance deserves that kind of attention and unfortunately we live in a world where attention is the ultimate currency.”

Listen to Miguel (as he sounded more than half his lifetime ago) via Soundcloud, below: