Miike Snow: ‘We feel more like a proper band on our second album’

Swedish group say they were 'able to do whatever they wanted' with their new LP

Miike Snow have revealed that they feel more like “a proper band” with the release of their second album.

With the Swedish group set to release their new album ‘Happy To You’ on March 26, the band’s Pontus Winnberg told NME that spending more time on the road and in the studio together had made them feel like more of a unit. He said:

We hadn’t toured or done any live shows before we did the first album, so this time we brought that whole vibe and new experience into the studio. It became something different. I think we feel more like a proper band now.

Miike Snow‘s Christian Karlsson added: “We had more time with this album – last time, we just played around in the studio and we didn’t even know if there was going to be a record.”


“This time, we knew we were doing a record, so we did it exactly the way we wanted to. We had full orchestra, strings – whatever we wanted to do with this one.”

‘Happy To You’, which is the follow-up to their 2009 self-titled debut, was recorded in Stockholm and produced by the band themselves. Talking about the sound of the record, Karlsson said: “There’s a few songs that have the instant Miike Snow sound, and there’s definitely parts of this record that belong to this record; it’s an extension of what we started, I feel.”

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