Mika Miko to split up

Californian art-punk outfit call it a day

Mika Miko have announced they are to split up.

The group, who earlier this year released new album ‘We Be Xuxa’, are going their separate ways after six years together.

“There’s no bad blood at all, we’re all still really good friends” said guitarist Michelle Suarez to The LA Times. “We’ve just been a band since high school and all of us are ready to move on to different things. We started the band for fun and wanted to end on a positive note.”

Citing a “return to school, new projects, jobs and relationships,” the group are still set to play Austin‘s Fun Fun Fun Fest on November 8 and are currently planning a farewell gig at The Smell in LA before they split up.

“We finally realised it was just taking too long for us to make music,” Suarez also said. “And business-wise, everything is so hard to coordinate.”