Mike Shinoda suggests that new Linkin Park music is possible

“Touring is the only thing [off the table]”

Mike Shinoda has hinted at the possibility of new music from Linkin Park.

Linkin Park last released an album in 2017 with ‘One More Light’, but the band have been on hiatus since the death of vocalist Chester Bennington later that year. 

Last May, the rest of the band said they would be communicating with fans “a little more regularly” but Mike Shinoda warned fans not to “start up the hype train” during a Twitch stream. “We talk every few weeks [but] there’s no tours, there’s no music, there’s no albums in the pipeline. Just keep in your minds that that is not happening,” he added.


Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, Chester Bennington
Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington CREDIT: Getty Images

However in a new interview with KROQ, Shinoda suggested that new music from the group is a possibility.

Speaking about the recently announced 20th anniversary edition of ‘Meteora’, Shinoda was asked by host Nicole Alvarez that “come an anniversary, fans assume Linkin Park is going back out on the road. How do you navigate those expectations?”

“I’ll say it this way. Normally I’m really trying to manage expectations a little bit, especially in the last few years,” said Shinoda. “There’s certain things that are going to be on the table, certain things that are off the table. With this release, shockingly, I don’t think there’s very much to say is off the table. Touring is the only thing [off the table]. We’re not touring right now.”

“The rest of their imagination, where I know their heads are going to go [in regards to] ‘can we do this’, ‘can we do that?’ I think to a lot of that, it’s yes,” he added.



Linkin Park released the previously unheard ‘Meteora’-era track ‘Lost’ on Friday (February 10). In a press release, Shinoda explained that discovering ‘Lost’ in the band’s archives “was like finding a favourite photo you had forgotten you’d taken, like it was waiting for the right moment to reveal itself”.

 “For years, fans have been asking us to release something with Chester’s voice, and I’m thrilled we’ve been able to make that happen in such a special way,” he added.

Shinoda went on to tease that fans are “going to be floored when they hear and see all the incredible unreleased songs and video footage in [the 20th anniversary reissue of ‘Meteora’],” which is out April 7.

Elsewhere, Shinoda revealed that he has a brand new song in the upcoming Scream VI movie.

“I’ve got stuff I’ve produced that are other people’s songs, I’ve got my own song, and then we’ve got the Linkin Park stuff. And that’s not even everything we’re gonna be doing around this for Linkin Park fans. So it’s a great time to be a Linkin Park fan,” he explained.

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