Mike Skinner reveals how a bathrobe-clad Kevin Spacey invited him backstage at the Old Vic

"He was in a robe. He didn't show me what was underneath it"

Mike Skinner has revealed how Kevin Spacey once invited him backstage at the Old Vic, where he discovered the actor wearing nothing apart from a bathrobe.

The anecdote was revealed on the most recent episode of  Peak Times, the podcast that Skinner hosts with Murkage Dave.

As the pair discussed how Louis CK was forced to apologise for sexual misconduct allegations, Skinner opened up on the allegations faced by Spacey and revealed how the actor had invited him to an Old Vic show during his 12 year tenure as artistic director.

“Kevin Spacey invited me to his theatre show, and he invited me backstage”, Skinner revealed.

“He was in a robe. He didn’t show me what was underneath it. To be fair to him, when I first met him in Ibiza he was in a baby blue Kangol.”

He also sympathised with the alleged victims of Spacey’s misconduct and admitted that he would probably have submitted to Spacey’s wishes if he had been in their situation.


Mike Skinner & Murkage Dave – we don’t bless the weakness, we stress the peakness

“Imagine you’re in an Winnebago and you’re an aspiring actor”, Skinner explained to Murkage Dave.

“You are looking to do your Shakespeare thing on the big screen and Kevin Spacey is your director, or the lead actor.

“Your agent’s got you this sweet gig in a fucking blockbuster and you’re on Hampstead Heath and you’re in your thing.

“They’ve got the ARRIs [film lights] set up, they’ve got the HMI’s there and they’re like ‘We’re ready for you now Dave’ and Kevin Spacey goes ‘now suck my cock’.

He added: “I think if I was an aspiring actor and I had to shag someone, I think that would probably scar me.”

Spacey, meanwhile, has been accused of sexual misconduct during his time at the Old Vic, with the Metropolitan Police recently confirming that they are investigating a second sexual assault claim against him.

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