Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown for his Celebrity Boxing Match with Soulja Boy

50 Cent got the boxer on the phone for his friend

Mike Tyson is set to help Chris Brown train for his Celebrity Boxing Match against Soulja Boy.

50 Cent posted a video on his Instagram page of himself talking to the boxer on the phone, discussing the fight.

“Listen Mike, they say Floyd’s going to be training Soulja Boy so I said I’ve gotta get Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown,” he said.


Tyson responded: “Yeah, Soulja Boy’s gonna get fucked up.” Brown later reposted the video on his own Instagram account.

In another Instagram video, 50 Cent said: “I kind of feel like Floyd wants to train him so he can beat me. I just got off the phone with Iron Mike Tyson and Iron Mike is going to train Chris Brown. Now this is going to be a show! When I put on a show I put on a show!”

Watch both videos below, via It’s The Vibe



Brown and Soulja Boy started a public feud on Tuesday (January 3) after Brown apparently threatened Soulja Boy for liking a picture of the singer’s ex-girlfriend, model-actress Karrueche Tran, on Instagram. After a later incident that appeared to see Soulja Boy robbed of his phone on the street, the rapper took to his Twitter account to not only apologise for his beef with Brown, but also his recent disagreements with rappers Quavo and Lil Yachty.


However, despite Soulja’s repentance, he will still square off with Brown in the ring.