Mikey Way talks drug addiction and how ‘the end of My Chemical Romance was so dark’

Bassist is set to release debut album from new band Electric Century

Ex-My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has opened up about drug addiction and how the break-up of his former band affected him.

Way will release his new band Electric Century’s debut album ‘For The Night To Control’ on July 14. Speaking to Billboard in a new interview, the musician revealed how the group has been dogged by his own addiction problems.

“Drug addicts are notorious liars and at the time, I was a notorious liar about my addiction, that I didn’t have a problem,” Way said. “I was in denial for decades.”


Way explained how his bandmate David Debiak eventually orchestrated an intervention under the guise of a band meeting. “I came home [to New Jersey in February] but I wasn’t there to record. [Dave] was going to take me to a facility. I thought we were going to finish the album. I woke up at Dave’s house, we went for coffee and I said, ‘When are we starting?’ and he said, ‘You’re not here to record.'”

“It was a relief,” Way continued. “It was something I put off for a very long time.”

Way went on to explain how MCR’s demise influenced his destructive behaviour: “The band ended, and I was going through a divorce at the same time. I do the most stressful things in clumps. The way I knew how to deal with that, through life, was to self-medicate so that’s what I did. The tail end of [My Chemical Romance] was so dark for me – I was in a fog. Life caught up with me at that point, and I was getting by. I was in the ocean with the water by my lips. I was trying to stay up and I was failing. I had always self-soothed through narcotics from an early age.”

“When you get out of rehab, especially as much damage as I had done to myself, you’re basically starting over. You’re standing outside of this house that you built, you’re lighting it on fire and you have to start over again. You have to learn how to get back what you had without being high. For me to be me, sober, that was the true journey afterwards. When you get out of rehab, that’s when the real shit starts.”

Way also said that Electric Century are influenced by “Britpop, new wave”, adding: “I always wanted to scratch that New Order itch. Since I was a teenager, I wanted to do my version of New Order.”


Of their future plans, he added: “Me and Dave are working on the second Electric Century record. We’re planning two shows: one in New Jersey and one in L.A. It’s a matter of when. I think, down the line, I would love to play the UK and Japan with this. I could see us touring this, but I don’t want to jinx it. The project has been around so long, but it’s still new to us.”

My Chemical Romance split in 2013 but reunited earlier this month to attend a show together.

Rumours of an MCR reunion spread last year when they started to tease the 10th anniversary of classic album ‘The Black Parade’.

“I feel like that took everybody aback,” former guitarist Ray Toro told NME about the rumours. “I don’t think we realised how dramatic that teaser trailer was. We were just looking for a cool way to announce the 10th anniversary – and we were all just blown away by the reaction.”

Toro continued: “It makes you feel really good, because you know so many years later your work is still appreciated and it’s finding a new audience. One of the things we hear a lot that is that people who weren’t even born when that album or when the band first started are somehow into us. I remember when I was in high school,  listening to The Misfits. You’d never get to see them live back then but it ends up getting passed down and becomes almost mythical in a sense, so I think that’s pretty cool if that does happen with My Chem.”

He added: “Here and there I think we all probably miss making music together – but I think at the same time we’re all very focused on our current projects.”