Sony mistakenly calls Miles Davis an ‘iconic singer’ in press release for new biopic

Actor Don Cheadle will direct 'Miles Ahead' and portray Davis

Sony has mistakenly labelled Miles Davis as “an iconic singer” in a press release for an upcoming biopic they are producing.

Trumpet player Davis passed away in 1991. This new movie marks the directorial debut of acclaimed actor Don Cheadle and will be premiered at New York Film Festival later this year.

Miles Ahead follows the life of jazz pioneer Davis, focusing on a period of the artist’s life in the ’70s when he took a break from music. The trumpeter will be played by Cheadle himself, backed by a cast including Ewan McGregor.

Speaking in 2012, Cheadle told the Wall Street Journal that he was “trying to shuffle” the story of Davis’ life and “make it more cubist”.

In a press release circulated among the media yesterday (August 7), Sony Pictures wrote: “What Don Cheadle has done here with the spirit of Miles Davis is truly astounding. We are not only witnessing for the first time this part of Miles Davis’ story as it deserves to be told, but also the birth of a major film director who happens to portray the iconic singer in a jaw dropping performance.”

Cheadle, meanwhile, said: “Miles was many things… a supreme artist and a national treasure but also an enigma to those around him, especially during his so-called quiet period.”

“With the family’s blessing and Miles’ tenets on creativity as our guide, we used these cloistered years as a jumping off point to compose the story of a self-exiled artist creating his own ‘centrifugal adventure’ to spin himself back into playing music again”.

Watch a documentary about the making of the film below.