Miles Kane waiting to write with Alex Turner – video

But the occasional Last Shadow Puppet is perfectly fine as he is

Miles Kane has revealed he’s happier than ever with his current musical set-up.

The former frontman of The Rascals and sometime bandmate of Alex Turner in The Last Shadow Puppets, Kane explained that although he is a solo singer, he feels like he is “still in a band, kind of.”

He said:

I’ve got a great band for live shows. I know it’s just me fronting it and doing the promo and the photos, but I love doing that, so it’s not a ball ache at all.

Talking about future plans with Turner, he continued:

And then live I’ve got the boys and my mates and stuff, so it’s a great thing. Until me and Al get back together and make a Puppets record, I’m just going to continue to make records like this, build this army of fans.

Kane also added that the his new material will have a ‘future Motown’ vibe, revealing: “It has the same groove that in a sense, Motown does. But it’s sort of in the future.”