Listen to Miles Kane’s new song ‘Cry on My Guitar’

Taken from his forthcoming new album 'Coup De Grace'

Miles Kane has shared another new track from his forthcoming new album, titled ‘Cry on My Guitar’.

The song will appear on the singer’s forthcoming release, ‘Coup De Grace’, which is set to hit shops on August 10. The release marks his third solo album, following predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013.

‘Cry on My Guitar’ follows on from the Jamie T and Lana Del Rey collaboration ‘Loaded‘, shared last month. You can listen to ‘Cry on My Guitar’ below.


Speaking of the new album, Kane said it’s ‘the most important record he’s made to date’. “It’s been 5 years in the making, a lot of emotion and excitement has gone into making this album!” he added. “Most of [the album] is about a break-up. I’m giving it the Adele one.”

“But also, I’m a massive fan of wrestling and [the title was inspired by] favourite wrestler’s finishing manoeuvre,” he said, referring to WWE star Finn Bálor’s signature move. “Lyrically it’s very personal and the delivery of the vocal is quite different for me. On the verses, there’s a lot more words than what I would do normally and then it opens up on the chorus.”

“It’s just a real mid-tempo, heavy ‘get your walk on’ tune, you know?”

The tracklist for ‘Coup De Grace’ is:


Too Little Too Late
Cry On My Guitar
Cold Light of the Day
Killing the Joke
Coup De Grace
The Wrong Side of Life
Something to Rely On