Inventor of foam finger is latest person to criticise Miley Cyrus over VMAs performance

Popstar's twerk-happy performance offends yet another person

The inventor of the foam finger has become the latest person to join in the criticism of Miley Cyrus for her controversial performance at the MTV VMAs.

Earlier today, the singer was]rebuked by the Teddy Bear Fund charity for her appearance at the awards bash, as her risque performance began with her emerging from a giant teddy bear and she performed surrounded by more of the popular stuffed creatures throughout the song.

Now, according to Fox Sports, Steve Chmelar – who is credited with creating the original foam ‘No. 1 hand’ as a way to support his high school basketball team in 1971 as a 16-year-old student – has also criticised Cyrus for tarnishing the image of the sporting accessory.


Cyrus’s performance included her using a foam finger to caress both her own crotch and that of Robin Thicke. Chmelar, who believes his prototype helped inspire Geral Fauss to create the first foam finger proper and start selling them in 1978, said: “For people that like that kind of entertainment, I’m sure that it met their needs,” he said. “If I had choice between Julie Andrews singing ‘The Sound Of Music’ and Miley Cyrus doing ‘Can’t Stop’, I’d go the Julie Andrews route, but everyone has their choice and their decision.”

He went on to add: “I would say that it certainly misrepresented its intent to encourage team support. She took an honorable icon that is seen in sporting venues everywhere and degraded it. Fortunately, the foam finger has been around long enough that it will survive this incident. As for Miley Cyrus, let’s hope she can outlive this event and also survive.”

MTV were also been criticised by America’s Parents Television Council (PTC) for broadcasting Cyrus’ performance as part of the VMAs live show. “MTV continues to sexually exploit young women by promoting acts that incorporate ‘twerking’ in a nude-colored bikini,” they said in a statement. “How is this image of former child star Miley Cyrus appropriate for 14-year-olds?”

Cyrus, meanwhile, has reportedly been working with Kanye West, with the singer skipping the VMAs afterparty to record a remix of his song ‘Black Skinhead’.