‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus filmed smoking bong – video

The substance she smoked is allegedly psychedelic herb salvia

Miley Cyrus, who plays Disney TV show singer Hannah Montana, has been caught on camera taking a hit from a bong.

The actress, who turned 18 just a few days ago, was filmed smoking at a party at her Los Angeles home – with gossip website TMZ.com posting the footage online.

Scroll down and click below to watch the video.

In the video Cyrus is clearly seen inhaling smoke from a bong as her friends laugh around her – but it looks like she’s stayed on the right side of the law.

According to sources, the substance Cyrus was smoking is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Salvia is not illegal in California nor in the UK, but has been made illegal in some US states. There have been two motions in the House Of Commons to have the substance banned in the UK.