Miley Cyrus urges Corey Feldman to ‘continue to make art’ following viral ‘Today Show’ performance

Cyrus thanks Feldman for 'sharing your music with us'

Miley Cyrus has offered her support to Corey Feldman following the former child star’s polarising musical performance on the Today Show last week.

Feldman – famous for his roles in ’80s films The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys – played the song ‘Go 4 It’ with his band Corey’s Angels, a performance that led to derisive comments online.

Feldman hit out at online bullying in an emotional livestream following the performance, leading to support from Kesha and Pink.

Now Cyrus has spoken out in favour of Feldman, writing on Instagram: “Haters gonna Hate! Lovers always gonna Love! Thank you and your angels for sharing your music with us! Please enjoy life and continue to make art!”


She continued: “You’re absolutely right to ignore (even though it can be hard) the hurtful comments made by uninspired people!!!! Fuck judgment! You have more courage than any of those hatin motha fuckas!!!! Good luck to you and always dream big! I know that’s what always keeps me smiling”.

See the post beneath. The image features a quote from Feldman: “We put ourselves out there and we did the best that we could.”

Appearing on The Talk recently, Feldman defended both his performance and his reaction to the hate: “I wanted people to see the real emotion I was feeling”, adding: “I wanted people to see that I’m not a fake; I’m a real person and this effects me. I am made of blood and flesh and I cry.”

“Those 10 million views are going to add up, so thank you to the haters,” he said before confirming that he would return to the Today Show for an “encore”.

Earlier this week, Feldman responded to reports that a Hollywood A-lister is set to be named as an alleged sexual predator. Feldman, who has claimed to have been abused during his early career, said he “hopes” the report is true.

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Watch footage from Feldman’s Today Show performance below.