Watch Miley Cyrus call out Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump hair ruffle as she covers a Bob Dylan song

"Don't even think about messing with my hair, I'm serious," says Cyrus

Miley Cyrus covered a classic Bob Dylan song during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

The singer performed Dylan’s ‘Baby, I’m In The Mood For You’ accompanied by Fallon’s house band The Roots in an arrangement inspired by folk singer Odetta‘s interpretation of the song.

During the performance, Cyrus temporarily broke away from the song’s lyrics to reference Donald Trump‘s recent appearance on The Tonight Show, during which Fallon infamously ruffled the Republican Presidential candidate’s hair.


“There is nowhere I would rather be than in New York City playing this song with The Roots, and being on Jimmy Fallon with our host, who is always so much fun, except when you’re Donald Trump,” Cyrus said. “And then don’t even think about messing with my hair, I’m serious.” Watch below.

Fallon was widely criticised for featuring Trump on his show earlier this week, with one Twitter user suggesting the talk show host was “selling his soul to the devil for ratings”.

During Trump’s time on the show, The Roots took the opportunity to troll the Presidential candidate to his face by performing an Erykah Badu song featuring lyrics which could be interpreted as a dig at his controversial foreign policy.