Miley Cyrus and her dad record nine-minute duet about ‘destruction of the earth’

'Prayer' will feature on Billy Ray Cyrus' new album

Miley Cyrus’ father has explained about a duet he does with his daughter on his new album.

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who had a 1992 hit with ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, said their duet, the nine-minute ‘Prayer’, was spontaneous after she visited him in the studio while he was recording his new album ‘Thin Line’.

Cyrus told Taste Of Country: “What Miley sings is what was coming to her mind at that moment. It’s a mix of back-and-forth conversation and ambient singing, about the destruction of the earth and other manmade maladies. But somehow, the song remains hopeful.”


‘Prayer’ also features a Tibetan singing bowl which Miley gave her father as a present. Cyrus said: “I never had a bowl like it. You hit it with a drumstick and it reverberates. The humming sound on that song is one bowl.”

Out on Friday (September 9), ‘Thin Line’ also features Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and country singer Shooter Jennings.

Since ‘Achy Breaky Heart’, Cyrus has released 13 albums, most recently ‘Change My Mind’ in 2012. He also appeared with his daughter in Hannah Montana for five years until 2011 and played the title role in Doc about a doctor from 2001-04. He recently appeared in a new sitcom, Still The King.