David Jason criticises Miley Cyrus for ‘eroding morality’

'Only Fools and Horses' actor hits out at twerking pop star

Actor David Jason has criticised Miley Cyrus, claiming that she is symptomatic of a decline in moral standards.

The Only Fools and Horses actor criticised Cyrus in a new interview with The Sun on Sunday, claiming that the pop star’s provocative performance at the MTV VMAs in 2013 is a “symbol of the erosion of politeness, manners and morality”.

Jason said: “Miley Cyrus epitomises what we have allowed. She has done it to break the mould. I can understand why, but we have given her the oxygen of publicity and encouraged it, so young girls will think it is the right way to attract men.”


He continued: “We’ve lost our standards. Once upon a time if you said this or did that, you’d be off the air. They wouldn’t dare show it. It slowly drip feeds, erodes standards of politeness, manners and morality. It just drips and it takes us further and further down, and instead of inspiring us to look up, we are all going down.”

Meanwhile, a songwriter involved in penning Cyrus’ Number One hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ has revealed that the song was originally intended for Beyonce.

As The Independent reports, the Dr Luke and Sacha Skarbek penned track was born in a writing session for Beyonce before ending up on Miley Cyrus’ 2013 album ‘Bangerz’. “‘Wrecking Ball’ was not written for Beyoncé,” said a rep for Skarbek. “Originally, the [songwriting session between Dr Luke and Sacha] was booked to write a song for Beyoncé. But as the song [‘Wrecking Ball’] progressed, the songwriters realised the song would not work for her.”

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