Miley Cyrus says Donald Trump called her to congratulate her on VMAs twerking performance

The pop star's headline-grabbing appearance at the 2013 awards show got the attention of the future President

Miley Cyrus has divulged that Donald Trump called her to congratulate her on her infamous VMAs appearance in 2013.

The star made headlines after the awards ceremony for her performance with Robin Thicke, which featured her twerking in a nude bra and pants.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Cyrus said she was staying at Trump Tower in New York and was awoken the morning after the event by a call from Trump. According to the singer, he told her he “loved” her performance.

She went on to discuss why she hadn’t done as she said she would if Trump was elected as the President of the US and move out of the country. “We all said a bunch of shit we didn’t mean,” she said. “Because we really thought: ‘Maybe people will listen. Maybe people actually realise how detrimental this will be to our fucking country if this happens.’ Obviously they didn’t.”

Cyrus continued to point out that her leaving the country wouldn’t have changed anything. “As someone who is so proud of being an activist, am I going to feel proud of myself just running away from, and leaving everyone else here to live under, a completely racist, sexist, hateful asshole?” she said. “You can’t leave everyone else to fend for themselves.”

The pop star also discussed her new album, which she revealed would be “genre-less”, but would include psychedelic, pop, and hip-hop elements.

Although there is no concrete release date for the record that has been made public at present, Cyrus said she was planning to release new music by summer.