Watch Miley Cyrus’ idyllic video for new single ‘Malibu’

It's the first single from Cyrus’ forthcoming album

Miley Cyrus has shared a video for her new single ‘Malibu’.

The clip, directed by Cyrus herself and Diane Martel, shows the singer in front of idyllic backdrops, like the beach and a waterfall. Watch below.

‘Malibu’ is the first single from Cyrus’ forthcoming album, which is reportedly due for release later this year.


In an interview with Billboard, Cyrus recently revealed that she wrote the song during an Uber journey.

Cyrus last released her own music in 2015 with the album ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz‘. Meanwhile, she featured on Lolawolf’s 2016 track ‘Teardrop’ and ‘We Are Famly’ by The Flaming Lips, which was released earlier this year.

In her Billboard interview, Cyrus also revealed that she gave up smoking weed while recording, saying: “I like to surround myself with people that make me want to get better, more evolved, open. And I was noticing, it’s not the people that are stoned. I want to be super clear and sharp, because I know exactly where I want to be.”

Cyrus also revealed that she’s hoping to engage with people who wouldn’t normally listen to her music or necessarily share her values with the new album, including Trump supporters.


“This record is a reflection of the fact that yes, I don’t give a fuck, but right now is not a time to not give a fuck about people,” she said. “I’m ­giving the world a hug and saying, ‘Hey, look. We’re good – I love you.’ And I hope you can say you love me back.

“I like the way I think right now,” she continued. “But don’t Trump supporters like the way they think? So I’ve also got to be open with the way I approach people with my opinions. That’s the only way to make real change. And it’s not because I want to sell records! I know now the ways that don’t work. Because I went really hard during the ­election.

“But at the end of the day, we lost. We won, but because the system is fucked up, we lost. I thought, ‘OK. I learned my lesson on this one.’”