You can now stream Miley Cyrus’ reworked Nine Inch Nails song from ‘Black Mirror’

'Right Where It Belongs' is also available.

Miley Cyrus’ songs from her recent appearance in Black Mirror are now available to stream. You can listen to them below.

The latest release comes after Cyrus released a full version of her reworked Nine Inch Nails song from Black Mirror via video yesterday (June 14). Now, you can stream this song, ‘On A Roll’ – a reworked version of ‘Head Like A Hole’ – along with another, ‘Right Where It Belongs.’

Last week (June 6), the creators of Black Mirror revealed that the songs sung by Cyrus in the new series were in fact altered Nine Inch Nails tracks.


The hit dystopian sci-fi series returned to Netflix last week. The third feature episode of season five, Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, sees Cyrus playing a version of herself as a teen pop idol who becomes the focus of her fans’ obsession. Naturally, all is not what it seems.


Ahead of the release of the new series, NME attended a press screening where showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones discussed the inspiration, and hooking up with Trent Reznor for a darker edge.


“Often people expect Black Mirror to be people frowning at a transparent phone until their life falls apart,” said Brooker. “So it’s quite nice to up-end that sometimes. With this, we liked the idea of somebody keeping a popstar in a coma and extracting music from their head, but when you’re in that world, that’s quite a heightened reality. So we lead into that.”

“What we do in the first half is make it look like it’s going to go one way. I quite like the anarchic spirit of this literally turning into a chase. As for the music, every song that she performs is a Nine Inch Nails song that we adapted into a pop standard.

He continued: “That’s one thing that was in the script quite early on, but we had to get permission from Trent Reznor to do that and rewrite some of his tracks as upbeat pop songs. At the end, she does a fucking good job of doing ‘Head Like A Hole’.”

And what did NIN frontman Trent Reznor make of all this?

“He got it straight away,” replied Brooker. “It was via email and he was really happy. He wanted to see the script and I got to rewrite his lyrics in a chirpy way. I’m not the best lyricist in the world, and there’s one point where she’s singing ‘I’m stoked on ambition and verve’ instead of ‘You’re gonna get what you deserve’.”

Annabel Jones continued:  “He thought it was all very funny. He found all of the dark comedy very entertaining. There are lots of dark concepts in the film and we just enjoyed a childish subversion of them. You know, an artist being more successful when they’re dead than when they’re alive is just such a ghoulish idea – but then we’re living in a time when you holograms of Prince, Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston appear.

She added: “A couple of days ago, Whitney Houston’s estate sort of thought ‘Oh, we’ve left it a few years now, that’s a tasteful period of time, now let’s dig her up and get her back on stage’. She’ll be so much more valuable as a hologram than in the real world because, you know poor Whitney, no scandal and nothing to derail the tour.”

“We’ll all be asking ourselves questions in a few years of ‘Will we be going to a tour in a few years where there’s a hologram performing music that we love? Is there going to be a point where we ‘Yeah, we accept that’?”