Miley Cyrus is reportedly filming an episode of ‘Black Mirror’

Will she come in like a wrecking ball?

Miley Cyrus is reportedly on set shooting an episode of the new series of Black Mirror.

Season five of Charlie Brooker’s hit sci-fi dystopia is set to be released in December. Now, it’s been reported that the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer is on set shooting a part for the show in Cape Town, South Africa.

“She’s been spotted at the V&A Waterfront but it’s certain that fans will be trying to figure out where she’s most likely to turn up next,” said Marriott Hotels’ Avukile Mabombo to IOL, claiming that she was there to film for the show amid rumours circulating on Twitter.


“Will it be at Shimmy Beach Club? Perhaps in an express queue at the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Local reports first shed light on the commencement of filming of season five earlier this year, with production kicking off in April in south London. Letters were sent to local residents and business owners in Croydon by production company Ealing Studios detailing their plans to film in the St. George’s Walk area.

“I can never confirm nor deny anything about season five,” Brooker recently told NME. “Season four was literally written around the time of the American election and the Brexit vote and that sort of stuff. I think there was a deliberate, ‘Okay, I don’t see how all of those things will pan out.’ Actually, though, I think you end up commenting on those sorts of things anyway, bleakly. It felt like what we shouldn’t do was go, ‘And here’s the Brexit episode!’, as we would probably get it wrong in the thick of it.

“Also, like anyone else at that time, I was like, ‘Fucking hell! I’m going to keep my head down and fucking write because the world’s about to explode! Let me see if I can type this before a fucking meteoroid crashes. What’s going to happen next? An asteroid? I don’t know.


“Fucking mincemeat is going to become sentient and start crawling out of packaging and strolling away – I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Meanwhile, Cyrus also recently shared a photo of herself working in the studio with Ryan Adams.