Miley Cyrus reveals she has been sober for six months

"I really wanted to polish up my craft," she said

Miley Cyrus has revealed that she has been sober for six months in a new interview.

The singer-songwriter told Variety on a podcast that her family history, her craft and a surgical procedure on her vocal cords prompted her to give up the drink.

“It’s been really important for me over the last year living a sober lifestyle, because I really wanted to polish up my craft,” Cyrus explained.


“I had really big vocal surgery in November. I had freaking four weeks where I wasn’t allowed to talk.”

Cyrus revealed that “over-use of the vocal cords” prompted her to get the surgery and to begin her journey to sobriety.

“At the beginning, it was just about this vocal surgery. … But I had been thinking a lot about my mother.”

After looking into her family history, she saw patterns of “addiction and mental health challenges.”

“So just going through that and asking, ‘Why am I the way that I am?’ By understanding the past, we understand the present and the future much more clearly,” she said.

Cyrus famously went sober in 2017, giving up marijuana and alcohol much to the surprise of fans.


“Anything that I want to do, if I want to stop or start something, I can do anything. I just decided not to [smoke] anymore and now it’s easy for me,” she commented at the time.

However, she returned to smoking marijuana in 2018, but refrained from doing so while working.

Miley Cyrus has kept busy during the coronavirus pandemic, partaking in a number of high profile live-streams. In April, she appeared on Saturday Night Live, performing a rendition of Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’ from beside a campfire.

Cyrus also joined Tame Impala, Dua Lipa and more as part of Mark Ronson’s ‘Love Lockdown’ stream in May.

This weekend (June 27), she will perform in the ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ live-stream. The initiative, spearheaded by Global Citizen and the European Commission, aims to raise funds for those worst affected by the pandemic.

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