Millie Bobby Brown: “Change is way more important than violence”

"As long as we're logical and we're feeling like this is actually the best decision for our planet"

Millie Bobby Brown has called for more of an onus to put on “logic and change” rather than violence in modern society.

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The Stranger Things star was speaking to NME ahead of the premiere of her new movie Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, along with her co-star the actor and rapper OMG, when she discussed how she related to her character’s attitude of using reason to solve important issues.


“Change is way more important than violence,” she told NME. “Something that I feel so passionate about is ending violence. In this world, we need to reason. We need to use logic in our decisions. As long as we’re logical and we’re feeling like this is actually the best decision for our planet.

“For me I feel like words are more important than anything violent.”

Watch our full interview above to see the pair discuss the classic incarnation of Godzilla, as well as whether OMG’s father Ice Cube would be able to take him down.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is in cinemas now.

Meanwhile, Stranger Things season three will return to hit Netflix on July 4.