Mingyu on SEVENTEEN’s bond: “When I’m with them, it’s like we’re burning bright together”

“I might wander if I were alone, but the members are my life spark”

SEVENTEEN member Mingyu has opened up about finding strength with his group members and how they bonded.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the South Korean singer idol discussed the importance of SEVENTEEN to him. He shared how the group have been able to find strength in each other to keep pushing forward, and how all 13 members have grown together.

“Even though I achieved my dream, I want to keep my spark shining. I want to have a bigger dream, but I keep thinking about reality, which makes me feel bad,” said Mingyu. He added that despite his worries, his members keep him on the right track.


“I might wander if I were alone, but the members are my life spark,” he explained. “When I’m with them, it’s like we’re burning bright together. And sometimes someone will take the role of the log to keep the fire burning.”

Mingyu also told Weverse Magazine how they came to understand mutual love and respect. “The 13 of us lived together in one small home when we were younger, so sometimes we fought a lot,” he revealed. He shared that as they grew up together, each of them learnt to understand each other more.

“I can’t adapt myself to someone else’s feelings 100%, and they won’t be able to understand mine 100 per cent,” he added. “I learned to just let things go, which in turn helped me to respect other people’s decisions.”

SEVENTEEN recently returned with their eighth mini-album, ‘Your Choice’, featuring the title track ‘Ready To Love’. A day later, Pledis Entertainment notified fans that the group have entered self-quarantine after being identified as close contacts of COVID-19 positive cases.

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