Plus Al Jourgensen and chums are banned by US supermarket chain...

Ministry will make their first UK appearance for four years at London WC2 Astoria on July 8.

It’s a warm-up for their date with Metallica, Marilyn Manson and Placebo at the Milton Keynes Bowl Big Day Out gig (July 10). Ministry‘s new album ‘Dark Side Of The Spoon’ has been banned by US shopping mall giants Kmart.

The company has taken exception to the album’s cover art which features an obese naked woman wearing a dunce’s cap and writing ‘I will be god’ on a school blackboard.


Kmart spokesman Dennis Wigent told US reporters it was the nudity on the album cover that prompted the ban, rather than the record title’s thinly-veiled reference to heroin.

The Ministry camp has declined to comment.

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